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In general, foreign immigration further reduced the percentage of Dutch-speakers and led to further Francization of the city. This stood in contrast to the first half of the 20th century, however, when the change was Francization of Brussels's' existing Flemish inhabitants.

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BRUSSELS SPECIAL VENUES BIEDT U UNIEKE LOCATIES VAN UITZONDERLIJK NIVEAU! BRUSSELS SPECIAL VENUES is het voornaamste non-profit netwerk van voor non-profit event ementen locaties in Brussel voor bedrijven, verenigingen, instituten of private event ement organisaties. Omdat elk event de juiste locatie verdient, vertegenwoordigt Brussels Special Venues de grootste keuze in unieke Brusselse eventlocaties, met ontelbare modulaire ruimtes en een scala aan architecturale stijlen.
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As they moved to Brussels from Sicily in the late 70s, the members of the Bruno family were directly immersed into the Italian restaurant business. Giovanni, the son now famous michelin-starred chef at Senzanome first started out by working along with his mother and his sister Nadia, before making a reputation for himself.
Brussels Kitchen the guide to food with style.
BRUSSELS KITCHEN BOOK. LE BRUNCH CLUB. Diner vins de Bordeaux. Blog bruxellois de bonnes adresses culinaires. Restaurants, bars à vin, salons de thé, marchés, cantines bio, etc à Bruxelles. Le lieu pour les yeux, la qualité de la cuisine pour le gout, lexpérience pour le plaisir.

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